a triumph trophy 900 a good deal? and can you wheelie it?

Ryan B

ok i currently ride a kawasaki ex 250 have been riding for about 6 months now and was going to move up to a 600cc bike cause it would be the next step up... but a guy at the dealership offered me a 95 trophy 900 in exchange for basically my 2 ex 250's cause he is wanting one for his wife.. the 250's are worth maybe 3.3k total together... is it an even trade? the triumph has 15k miles with no road rash.. and looks to be in good shape.. im looking for a sports bike to play on but i also like to tour so this seems perfect... but can you wheelie on them? has anyone ever done it? is it easy? cause for me thats a big part in the fun of riding.. and can they keep up with say an r1? or gsxr 750?

Irv S

It's a fine bike.
Yes, you can wheelie it, ..... but don't.
It's a whole lot heavier than your '250`s, wheelies
overstress the drive train too much, and you
can't muscle it back into line so easy when it
starts to wander.