apart from comedy genius chris morris*, who should've been on the new year's...


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A load of well-paid, even overpaid and rich people get honoured. So what! How about being really democratic and allow the public to nominate those whom they believe worthy? In the end it's the same old suspects. Might as well draw names from a hat!

Willy C

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Chris Morris unfunny since his brass eye & jam
the it crowd arrrggghh
nathan barley oh dear god kill me.
he should be hung for wasting his talant not rewarded for turning into yet another mediocre hack.
whats his next trick gonna be the voice over on you been framed??


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A guy I know. A little boy got caught and hung by the rope he was swinging on a couple of years ago. This bloke has single handed, through community events etc managed to secure free premises, he sells tickets, runs day trips and fund raising events, he gives all the kids parties to celebrate events, Easter egg hunt at Easter, football, discos, present and selection box at Xmas. He has raised over £500,000 and they are about to start converting the field the little boy hung on into a massive state of the art, safe playground in the little boys name so that children can play safely. He walks the streets at night, in all weather collecting tote money and selling tickets, the kids who can't afford the minimal charges just go along free and the community are behind him. It's great to see the spirit that is developing, so many people are now involved and the kids in the area feel special.