Do the Jaguars have a chance to beat the Patriots in the playoffs?

Tommy G. Schalk

New Member
The Jags are probably going to be the first wildcard team so they will face the #4 seeded Steelers at Pittsburgh in the wildcard round. If they continue to play like the have been playing lately they will have a good chance to continue to the divisional playoffs at New England...
I think the winner of that game will definitely go to the Superbowl but I'm not really convinced New England is going to win here

Dan M

No if they happen to face the Patriots in the play-offs they will be going to The Razor , Where the Patriots play there best football at home in the elements . Jaguars have been pretenders for years when they win their division then i may say they are ready for the big boys . If they win in the first round they most likely will face Indy in the second .
In the 1st round they could be heading to San Diego and hot as they are playing right now they can't be looking past that game hoping to get a shot at the Pats