Do you think a 2007 lexus is350?

Adam D

I HATE this car. The plastic sterile look really does not really attract me that much. For about the same price, you can get a BMW 3-Series which is faster, safer and more agile. You most likely are going to wreck it like all kids do to their first car (experience).

Darin D

New Member
No, the IS350s engine is wayyy too much for a first car. An IS250 might work, but id spend about 3500$ and buy a beater car for a few months, to gain exerience. It sounds bad, but it will save you a lot in possible accidents.


I'm not a big fan of Japanese cars, BUT the IS350 is RWD (rear wheel drive) which automatically makes it a good car.

If you can afford it, go for it. But also look into the Cadillac CTS!


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yes it has a smooth ride, decent grunt, very good fuel economy, as reliable as a honda and is more exclusive than a bm or merc. to be honest for normal people that would be a second car after their shit little hacthback