Dodge Dakota problems, heating, stalling...?


I have a 98 Dodge Dakota with a couple of problems.
As I'm going to the States/Mexico (from UK) over Xmas, I'm hoping to pick up the necessary parts. It's a 318 (5.2 litre) v8.
1stly, she stalls constantly. when you slow down for traffic lights/junctions etc, drop the clutch, the engine just cuts out. I've been told this could be the O2 sensor, could anyone confirm this?
2ndly, the heater takes about 15 minutes to run warm air through the system, meanwhile the temperature gauge fluctuates between 170 - 230 degrees. Any ideas on this? Temperature sender? Blockage in the system?
3rdly, below 30mph the speedo is non-existant, as soon as you hit 30 it kicks into life. Could this be the speed sensor?
Lastly, does anyone know of any decent spares shop/performance parts outlets in Mexico city? I want to pick up the parts for the Dodge there & also some bits for a Mustang. We're staying in the distrito Federal area.
Thanks in advance - all help/advice appreciated.


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Well,regarding to this problems much better if you really consult to your own manufacturer...They know them well what would be the best for you car.