Engine oil for Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme - 1987?

yuval f

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I have an Oldsmobile cutlass supreme brougham - 1987.
The engine is V6 3.8.
What kind of Oil should I use ?
Accordint to the car spec (at least what written on the oil cap) is SAE 10W 30 SF. BUT when I went to buy the engine oil all sellers does not recomend this oil and instead to use 10W40 or 20W50. They say that old SF is low quality oil and 10W 40 is not good for this climate (I leave in place where summer min temp is 5 Celsuis and winter max temp is 38 Celsuis.


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just put in the 10w 40.its not going to hurt it.your getting too technical over it.in an ideal/perfect situation where you did exactly what the factory says it may be a good idea to listen ,but I'm sure you dont.