How hard is it to remove the dash light for the airbag in a 98 Chevy Blazer?


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Air bag system light comes on when it feels like. If it's comes on during a state inspection, it will fail. I need to pull the actual light bulb out. Anyone done this before? How easy is it to get behind the dash ?

dodge man

you have to pull the dash out to get to it,all that's causing that too happen is a sensor gone bad,you might just want to have auto zone scan it and tell you what sensor it is,and replace the sensor,you can remove the light though,but its a lot harder than replacing the sensor will be,and its kind of a good idea to keep the system up to date and working good,you cant get to it from going up through the dash ,you have to remove it,then you can get to it,good luck with ,i hope you decide to replace the sensor,its a lot better.