Supra/Lexus SC 300 Engine?


I got a quick question Im in the market to purchase a toyota supra twin turbo MK4, how much would it cost me to take a stock twin turbo and boost it to nearly 650hp!, I have been approved for 25k which is around the price for a nice stock twin turbo MK4 93-98. I also was looking into the Sc300 and am trying to get a bit of history on the both of them since they do kind of share the same engine in its years comparison. I wanna at least get the sc300 or the twin supra.Im tired of my 350z and am wanting more power and also a classic well known respectful vehicle such as the supra and sc300 and also LOL the 2JZ-GTE engine which is awesome. The only reason I ask about the SC is because if I am unable to find a supra I would likely wanna go with the SC. I have done a bit of research and have seen the regular sc300 engine with turbos and also the 2JZ-GTE swap in them. Please people help me out on this!!! I need to make a decision soon. I have been looking in and