What music is played in the Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter BBC America version...

kyle j

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...(not UK version)? I have checked at FinalGear.com because they have a forum dedicated to identifying the songs played in each episode. But I tivo'd the BBC America version of the show and noticed that the music in the segment is a little different than that of the original UK airing. The bit I'm looking for is the music that plays right after Richard says "... so I reckon, it will be won or lost here." Thers a few shots of the eurofighter and the veyron from overhead. I believe the music stops right after they pull up to the start line. The UK version plays this music during the sequence.
55:48 - 56:29 - John Williams - The Intersection Scene
56:29 - 56:52 - John Williams - Escape from the City
57:01 - 58:02 - Massive Attack - I Am Home
58:02 - 58:34 - John Powell - Bim Bam Smash
I believe that the Intersection Scene music from War of the Worlds is replaced with the music I'm looking for.