Where's mecury morris?

jeffery k

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Cause I'm in your house. I've been in here for ten minutes and I'm eatting your bacon but I don't see you. Are you out cuddle under a blanket with bob griese and schula crying your little eyes out?I'm just wondering. Plus correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the dolphins play a 15 game season?Yeah I truthfully I've been in your house since last week. But now that i've blown your house apart I feel as though I should just ask where you are actually?Cause I don't see you here mr.dolphin addicted to crack ex-felon running back who got the ball handed to him three times that season. I don't see you. And I'm just asking you people has anyone seen him?
Report me. Be jealous. be angry whatever. cause at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you say it'll matter what your kids and there kids and there grandkids. and they will all say the same thing.
"The patriots are the greatest team in the history".

Lol. Hows that humble pie taste?You going to cling on to that whole "they won't win the superbowl"thing?Seriously?That's just pathetic. when someones better then you you should just admit it.
Your parents should've taught you better.