Which to buy, Lexus IS 350 or BMW 530 ?


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I'm a huge fan of both trademarks.
I face a small problem with the cost of the BMW. its slightly higher than the Lexus ( I can afford it though ).

Which is better & why.
As far as I know, both are V6, 300 BHP.

People with previous driving experience of either cars, share with me.


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BMWs are better handling, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, but Lexus vehicles are higher quality and more reliable. If you want better handler, get the Bimmer 530. If you want your vehicle to last longer with less problems, the Lexus IS 350.


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Lexus IS 350 would be a better deal if you look at all the options you are getting for the price with the Lexus. Also look at the maintenance cost for the BMW.