Infiniti recommends replacing the Cabin Micro Filter every oil change. I try to replace it every 10,000 Miles because of the area I live in. If you can change the intake air filter, you can change the cabin filter. Make sure  you have regular tools handy.



  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Pick Tool
  • Pliers




1. Remove the instrument lower passenger panels and glove box.
       A. Carefully lift up and remove the Passenger Side Front Door Sash Trim.
       B. Remove Plastic Nut that secures the Passenger Side Kick Panel
            and remove Kick Panel.
       C. Remove the Lower Cover (Under the Glove Box)
            downward to access the Lower Glove Box Assembly
            Mounting Screws.
        D. Remove the two Lower Glove Box Assembly Screws




        F. Open the Glove Box Door and remove the four Upper Glove Box
             Assembly Mounting Screws and the Glove Box Door Latch.
        E. Move the Glove Box Assembly


2. Remove the filter cover, then remove the in-cabin microfilter.

3. Take out the in-cabin microfilter from blower unit.

4. Replace with new one and reinstall on blower unit.

5. Reinstall the instrument lower passenger panel




When installing a new microfilter make sure of the following:

• The filter is installed so that the arrow, on the end of the filter, is facing the rear of the vehicle and is pointed upward.
• The microfilter sits on top of the two black plastic tabs, not behind them.
• The ledge on the back side of the microfilter cover panel slides below the microfilter.


NOTE: If the microfilter is improperly installed, the ledge on the back side of the microfilter cover panel pushes directly into the microfilter, causing distortion. A distorted microfilter may interfere with the recirculation door.