SRS Airbag light can come on due to various reasons. Here is a step by step guide to clear the light. Everytime you work with AIRBAGS, be very careful.

On most Honda Accords the SRS connector is located under the left side of the dash. SRS Connector is a 2-wire connector (Green, Green) or (Gray, Gray) and is yellow in color.


  • Paperclip
  • Flashlight
  • SCS Connector

Once you locate the SRS Connector, go ahead and jump the two wires together using SCS Connector or a Paperclip. Make sure you are quick in connecting and disconnecting.

Erasing the DTC Memory / Resetting SRS Light

STEP 1 – Turn the ignition switch OFF

STEP 2 – Jump the SRS (MES – Memory Erase Signal) connector using the SCS connector or a paperclip

STEP 3 – Turn the ignition switch to ON. 

STEP 4 – The SRS light will come back on for 5 seconds and will go away. Remove the SCS Service Connector (paperclip) from the MES connector within 5 seconds after the SRS light turned OFF.

STEP 5 – The SRS light will be ON again. Reconnect  the SCS connector (paperclip) to the MES connector within 5 seconds of the SRS light coming on.

STEP 6 – When the SRS Light goes off, remove the SCS Connector (paperclip) from the MES connector within 4 seconds.

STEP 7 – The SRS light will blink twice to indicate that the memory has been cleared.

STEP 8 – Turn the ignition switch OFF and wait 12 seconds.

This process should clear your SRS light. If it is still there repeat the procedure.