I have owned a 1999 Honda Accord for past few months and during these few months I have had enough experiences to question Honda's reliability. First it was the transmission and now the alternator. One of the common symptoms for bad alternator is that all your dash lights will turn on while you are driving.



  • Ensure you have the anti-theft code for the radio.
  • Disconnect the battery negative cable first and then disconnect the battery positive cable.
  • Move the auto-tensioner "A" to relieve tension from the alternator belt "B" and remove the alternator belt.
  • Disconnect the condenser fan motor connector "A" from the condenser fan shroud.
  • Remove the condenser fan/shroud assembly "B".
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  • Disconnect the 4-pin connector "A" and black wire "B" from the alternator.
  • Remove the mount bolt "A" and alternator bracket mounting bolt "B". Remove the harness clamp "C" from the alternator bracket.
  • Now you can remove the alternator. Depending upon the clearance you have, it might take a few tries before the alternator comes out of the car.


  • Follow the removal steps in reverse order to install the the alternator.
  • Adjust the alternator belt tension or the alternator AC belt tension.
  • Enter the anti-theft code for the radio.