ICON has made a reputation for taking older model cars, like the Bronco, and turning them into redone monsters of power and ability.

Jay Leno is a huge fan of ICON and has already featured multiple machines from the firm, but this week, Jay has his hands on ICON’s first new car that isn’t built from old bones. The FJ-44 may bear a passing resemblance to an old Land cruiser, but ICON has engineered the bodywork itself.

Jay takes the FJ-44 and its GM sourced LS motor out for a spin, and seems to be impressed with the fit-and-finish as well as the on-road manners. We think that is good to hear, but really we wanted to see Jay conquer a mountain or two. Alas, no such hoonage is present in this video, but we think it is worth a watch anyway.

Click play to see the $160,000 machine and Jay becoming friends.