Remember that impressive one-off Agera R BLT we told you about a few months ago? The car was destined for an unnamed Chinese customer, but the trip hasn’t gone as planned. is reporting that the Swede in question has been seized by the Chinese government. The claim of the seizure is that the owner was trying to smuggle the car into the country to avoid paying taxes. The report says that the car held a value of approximately $2.35 million before taxes. The amount of tax on this slab of carbon fiber go-fast? $2.25 million, bringing total final cost of the Agera to $4.7 million. With a near 100-percent tax rate, we may have tried the same move.

The move comes in the midst of a massive crack-down on smuggling into the Peoples Republic of China. To take a look at the car in question, take a peek at the gallery below. This is probably as close as you will ever get to it. Hopefully that statement doesn’t apply to the buyer.

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