A few weeks ago we showed off the incredible Porsche 911 GT3 RS Lego Kit, but with a limited production run and high cost, it’s not the perfect item for everyone. If you still want to have a sweet Lego car that has some legacy to the Porsche 911, maybe you should check out the freshly launched Lego Volkswagen Beetle. Based on the classic Bug from the 1960s, this 1,167 piece kit can be the perfect replacement for that massive Lego Technic 911 you couldn’t get. As far as consolation prizes go, you could certainly do worse.

The kit itself is very similar to the classic Mini Cooper model that we built last year. From a size perspective, its 11-inches tall, 10-inches long and four-inches wide. That makes it taller than the Mini, it its slightly narrower and about the same length.

Some of the cool features of this model include custom windshield, VW logo and fender pieces. The kit is just as detailed as you would expect from the higher-end Lego kits. There is a full interior, an engine hides in the rear, and there is even a spare tire and a fuel tank under the hood. To give it that extra dose of cultural and historical flair, you also get a cooler and surfboard for mounting on the roof rack.

Lego, this is awesome. I’ll take two, please.