LoJack Corp., the Westwood company that specializes in finding and recovering a wide range of mobile assets including motor vehicles and construction equipment, said today that it posted a 90 percent success rate for recovering 11,382 LoJack-equipped stolen vehicles in 2009.

Citing FBI data for 2008, the most recent year for which such data were available, LoJack said that 956,846 vehicles were stolen and that 411,444 were not recovered. That works out to a recovery rate of 57 percent. That recovery rate was 67 percent in 1999, LoJack said in a press release.

A look at LoJack’s 2009 data, and a car buyer might want to think twice about buying a black Honda Civic. The Civic was the top model stolen and recovered in 2009, the company said, and the favorite color for thieves last year was black. White and silver were also popular color choices.