Headlines were made today when it was announced that Matt LeBlanc, former “Friends” star and fastest “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” would be taking over as one of the new hosts for Top Gear. The announcement comes at a crucial time, with many fans and tabloids reporting a myriad of problems and setbacks for the revived television motoring show.

It had long been rumored that Sabine Schmitz would be among the ranks with Chris Harris joining up as well, but nothing had been confirmed until today. And secretly, we got a double-whammy of host announcements thanks to Chris Harris.

Not long after the news broke about LeBlanc, Chris Harris posted a photo to Twitter of a Top Gear production meeting, where he chided the new host for not being there. That is hardly solid proof that Harris is actually part of Top Gear, but it’s the best evidence anyone has so far.

Expect to hear more official info soon; the current pending start date for the revamped Top Gear is in early May.

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