McLaren is already one of the fastest growing supercar companies in existence, and the British company shows no signs of slowing down. Over the next six years McLaren will release 15 new or heavily revised cars, and almost half of them will be hybrids. For anyone who said that the technology gains made by the P1 were nothing more than a gimmick, I will give you a minute to remove the foot you just placed into your gaping maw.

The news comes off the announcement of what McLaren is calling their “Track22” business plan. The whole press release from the company is focused around its planning, and its £1,000,000,000 investment, but the real news lies in the expanse of new models and the push for electrification. To give you a better idea of just how dramatic this news is, McLaren currently only has six core models. If you open it up to variations like convertibles and coupes, you are still only at 10. So in the next six years, McLaren will completely revamp its entire lineup, and introduce five all-new models.

It has taken Ferrari and Lamborghini more than six years to make just one new model.

When you couple the injection of hybrid technology into the mix, it is obvious that McLaren will not stop until it is the largest and most technologically advanced sports car company in existence.

Oh, let’s not forget to point out that at least one of those models is planned to be a replacement for the P1, but it will be completely electric. So take the power and fury of the Model S P95, but stuff it into the sexy carbon-fiber monocoque of McLaren. The Brits are not out to just match their competition; it looks like will stop at nothing less than utter domination.

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