Nissan spends a lot of time and money helping with various charity causes around the world, and the company has just announced that they are now the official automotive partner of the Wounded Warrior Project. Nissan has worked with WWP previously with projects like the “Project Titan” customized truck that was piloted by two veterans in a trip across the Alaskan wilderness.

Nissan also donated $1-million last year to WWP and Habitat for Humanity as part of its Super Bowl commercial program.

The program itself spreads out to every one of Nissan’s 1,072 dealerships across America. Each dealership can now raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, and the dealer that manages the greatest contribution will be invited to attend the Courage Awards & Benefit Dinner as a guest of Nissan. The money will be raised by selling branded WWP merchandise in dealerships, and many dealers will be offering special donation incentives as part of test drives and purchases.

Best yet, Nissan has said that 100-percent of the proceeds made this way are going to the WWP. Nissan won’t keep a dime.