Nissan is alerting customers who purchased a Garmin portable GPS unit with their vehicle or as an accessory that Garmin is conducting a Voluntary Recall Campaign on nϋvi® brand portable automotive GPS units. Customers are encouraged to go to the Garmin website to check if their nϋvi 750 GPS unit is affected, and follow the remedy instructions.

Garmin has identified potential issues in these nϋvi units that can, in rare circumstances, increase the possibility of overheating, which may lead to a fire hazard. None of the reported incidents has caused significant property damage and no injuries have been reported.

Nissan has installed approximately 5,500 potentially affected Garmin nϋvi 750 portable GPS units on the following Nissan vehicles: 2009-10 Frontiers and Pathfinders, 2008-09 Rogues and 2008-10 Xterras. Customers who purchased their Nissan vehicles equipped with one of the possibly affected nϋvi 750 GPS units will receive a recall letter from Nissan in late September.

Customers who purchased a Garmin nϋvi 750 GPS over the counter at a Nissan dealerships or another retail location are encouraged to go to the Garmin website to determine if their unit is affected, and to follow the remedy instructions.

Nissan is committed to a high level of customer safety, service and satisfaction and is working with its dealers to promptly address this issue.

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