When your car’s too fast to make some nice drone action shots, what do you do? Well, if you’re Nissan, you make a new drone specifically to capture Godzilla. With a 0-62 time of 1.3 seconds, the drone is much faster than the GT-R itself. Designed by Tornado XBlades Racing, this GT-R drone uses a low-drag canopy and a “race tuned configuration” to reach such crazy acceleration speeds. It’s running four propellers with 2000kV XNova motors and a race spec Sky-Hero quadcopter frame.

What better way to test this new drone out than to take it out on Silverstone along with a GT-R. At the wheel of the GT-R was NISMO driver Ricardo Sanchez, while at the controls of the drone was 2015 British National Drove Racing champion James Bowles.


Although the drone has been made to perform as well as possible against the GT-R, and can out-accelerate it, a little drone simply can’t match its top speed. The car can hit 315kph, while the drone can only hit a measly 185kph. But while the drone might not best the car in top speed, it has the upper hand in agility, having a turning circle of just 0.3 meters.

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