Nissan is learning the hard way that air isn’t always free. Thanks to a collection of very tiny leaks in the miles and miles of tubing for the compressed air systems in its three major US manufacturing facilities, Nissan was spending a lot of money and power. How bad were these leaks? Nissan estimated they were losing more than 20-percent of their compressed air through the leaky lines.

Now for the fun part. Nissan’s Energy Management Team went through to sniff out and repair the leaks. By fixing the system they can save air, money and electricity. The final results of those savings was 11.3-billion watts of electricity last year. That is enough to power an average home for 700 years, or enough juice to drive a Nissan Leaf around the world 40,000 times.

Now that is a big energy savings.

Of course, the great team that runs Nissan has always been looking for ways to cut energy consumption and reduce their impact on the environment. They do such a good job at it that they have been awarded the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for three years running now.

Congratulations, Nissan. Keep being awesome.

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