Rand McNally, the venerable publishing house of the long-standing paper Road Atlas and builder of commercial GPS systems was at the Chicago Auto Show to show off a new product. When I received the notice they had a press conference coming, I brushed off the news as unimportant and boring until I saw what they actually announced. They debuted a brand new product called “OverDryve” that combines a massive collection of technologies together to give any car with a 12-volt plug a full suite of safety and infotainment features.

Its based on an Android tablet, but thanks to a selection of smart design choices, it is perfectly suited for use in a car. It includes a full Rand McNally navigation system, forward collision alert technology, voice commands, text messaging, calling, vehicle system diagnostics, backup camera, and that is just the start. In short, it is a single third party system that incorporates almost every major safety and entertainment technology that buyers want on a new car. And thanks to its tablet design, it can be installed in basically any car.

OverDryve On Dash 2 _low res

Basically, you can give your 1969 Camaro the same technology that it is in a 2015 Lexus. Its incredible. And somehow, Rand McNally is doing this all for just $399. That price snags you a tablet, accessories, and custom magnetic mounting system. The only extra cost is the wireless backup camera that will run you an extra $99. Considering navigation and tech packages on a new car can cost thousands of dollars, I think this is a hell of a deal.

I did get a chance to see the system demoed and explained, and it did seem to work well, but I am still holding some reservation on how well the thing actually works. Android tablets have a long history of being slow to respond, buggy and poorly built. With that in mind, we are excited about OverDryve, but cautious. We are looking in to securing a review unit to test over a few weeks to see just how well it works in the real world.

Keep your eyes here on AutoTalk for more news about that is we get it.

OverDryve Front Display_low res