Who needs a cup of coffee to start your day when you can have a healthy dose of car porn? Singer Vehicle Designs has made its name by taking classic Porsche 911s and turning them into usable modern day sports cars without sacrificing the style and feel of the vintage nameplate. Through prodigious use of carbon fiber, lots of custom fabrication work, and a little help from Cosworth for the engine, each Singer 911 is somehow even greater than any air-cooled 911 that has come before.

To get a closer look at just what makes a Singer 911 so special, take a gander at this video from Car and Driver. They spend a lot of time checking out and explain all the new pieces and part that make up the Singer 911, and they give you a good look at the car inside and out. From the custom interior to the upgraded powerplant, there is no piece of this car left unturned. Of course, it wouldn’t be a very good wakeup call without a bit of exhaust noise and motion, so the video ends with a lengthy driving portion.

Who needs caffeine when you have this? Just make sure that speaker volume is turned up.