RTM Productions announced yesterday they are launching a companion series to their already popular PowerBlock programming under the name “PowerNation.”

The new PowerNation will basically expand what PowerBlock started, focusing on restoration, off-road, performance, racing, trucks, and imports. The new block of programming will air on a separate network that is set for announcement in November at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas.

“Viewers and sponsors want more of our brand of serious, credible tech,” says RTM President Joe St. Lawrence. “We have six new shows under development and will premiere four of them in Q1 2014 under the second theme-block title PowerNation.”

Currently, PowerBlock airs Saturday and Sunday mornings on SpikeTV. Individual programming within PowerBlock includes HorsepowerTV, Xtreme 4×4, MuscleCar, Trucks! and Search & Restore.

PowerNation will also stream for free online at www.powernationtv.com once the programming is up and running.

Source: RTV Productions