There’s a new Corvette bargain on the block, and it’s wearing a set of fender stripes.

For the past couple of years, drivers who didn’t want a supercharger on their Corvette had to settle for the considerably more sedate-looking and handling Stingray. While the C7 Z06 has understandably gotten the lion’s share of attention, there are many people out there who would prefer a car with a bit more docile temperament for driving around town while still maintaining most of the tremendous track capabilities of the Z06.

Chevrolet unveiled that exact machine, the 2017 Grand Sport, 2 months ago in Geneva. Now they’ve announced pricing and it’s crazy cheap, at less than $67k for the base Grand Sport.

I had to take a moment for that to sink in. Sixty-seven grand for a car with 460 horsepower, capable of pulling over 1g on the skidpad? A machine that’s track-ready with standard magnetic suspension, big Brembo brakes and an electronic limited slip? That’s my kind of crazy.

Add in the Z07 package, which gives you carbon ceramic discs and specially-engineered tires stuffed under the widened rear fenders and you’re looking at 1.2g of brain scrambling, curve hugging insanity. My ribs hurt just thinking about it.

The new Grand Sport should start backing off of car haulers at dealerships across the United States this summer, just in time for the warm weather track day schedules. Watch for a special Collector Edition sporting model-specific stripes, hash marks and a special two-toned blue and black interior treatment, available later in the year.

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