Ever wanted to buy an F40? Of course you have. Have £875,000 ($1.2 million) lying around? Who are we kidding, of course you do. So, that F40, right? There’s one for sale in London. It’s blue, has some aftermarket wheels, and is in London. If you’re not some purist who must have his F40 in Rosso Corsa, then this might be the car for you.

Although, yes, it’s not quite stock looking, I’d say it’s pretty tasteful. I’ve always liked a French Racing Blue hue on cars, and it looks pretty interesting on this F40. According to the seller, this respray was performed at the Ferrari factory bodyshop in Maranello. Not too many other F40s can hold that claim, as most are Red, as they came from the factory, and the ones that aren’t probably weren’t repainted by the official bodyshop of Ferrari. The wheels are probably not something I’d choose for an F40, but they’re not too bad, and they’re probably pretty light. And with only 16,500 km in the 24 years it has been in existence, it probably still has a new car smell inside.

So go ahead and experience that wonderful turbo lag and immense power in your new, yet old, lightweight supercar. Your wallet will be lighter as well once you relieve yourself of that million dollars you don’t need.

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    Written by: Justin Davis