TomTom’s proprietary HD Traffic service was recognized by TÜV SÜD in Germany for the superior quality of its traffic information.

During two weeks of rigorous testing, HD Traffic was found to give drivers the most accurate and frequent live traffic information compared with any other traffic information service available in Germany. HD Traffic also provided the best road coverage of all the traffic information services tested.

Overall, TomTom’s service scored 61% – which was 24% better than the runner-up.

“The results of these independent tests clearly show that TomTom HD Traffic is the leading technology in the field of traffic telematics and traffic data collection,” says Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom. “Millions of users can now benefit from more than 10 years of research by avoiding traffic jams and reaching their destination faster and more relaxed.”

Importantly, the tests were carried out by actual drivers on real roads. HD Traffic came out on top in every test, proving it really does help drivers make smarter route decisions that can save them time and money.

Number one for accuracy, frequency and coverage

HD Traffic via the TomTom GO 750 LIVE scored highest for accuracy, correctly reporting more than three quarters of all real-world jams. It proved 50% more accurate than the second placed traffic information service, which correctly reported only half the jams it encountered.

TomTom’s service also delivered the most frequent traffic reports – a crucial factor, given how suddenly queues can appear because of new roadworks or an accident.

In terms of coverage, HD Traffic was one of only two services that provided information on major roads as well as highways. Given that traffic jams don’t just happen on motorways, it’s no surprise that HD Traffic was able to divert TÜV SÜD’s test drivers away from more jams than any other service, including TMC.
Overall, HD Traffic provided the best quality of information on delays and jam lengths. Following such emphatic results, TÜV SÜD’s verdict couldn’t be clearer: TomTom HD Traffic “provides the best quality of traffic information” read the report’s closing comments.

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