At the close of 2011, Volvo Car Corporation managed to sell 55 percent more vehicles in China then it did the year past. That number came to 47,000: impressive but not enough to satisfy the Swedish automaker. With a goal set in mind, the company is currently fighting hard to reach their annual target of 200,000 units in one of the largest car markets the world knows. Two recently released models might just be the trailblazers for their satisfaction – which could occur as soon as mid decade.

At this year’s Beijing Auto Show, both the new V60 and V40 models were showcased. These two cars might just have what it takes to make it in the Chinese market and that special something is, according to Volvo, “rationality.” “In addition to a great driving experience the Volvo V60 offers the owner rational functionality, the opportunity to enjoy life together with friends and family. It is a perfect choice for true car enthusiasts,” said Freeman Shen, Senior Vice President Volvo Car China Operations. In addition to the V60’s sensible size and shape, the V40 takes the larger sedan’s characteristics and wraps them around a sensational, compact hatchback body. ” It has an outstanding, beautiful design and it is charged with sophisticated features you normally have to buy a large car to get.”

Volvo knows it can’t reach its goal with new models alone. In order to help out production, an all-new assembly plant located in Chengdu is in the works. Scheduled to open up shop by the second half of 2013, the plant will have the ability to pump out 100,000 units annually: half of Volvo’s goal.

Source: Volvo