The Koenigsegg One:1 is one of the fastest and most powerful road-legal machines in the world. With 1,341 horsepower and just 1000 kilos to haul around, the car sits with a perfect power to weight ratio of one to one (hence the name). The problem with building a car that could be the fastest in the world, is finding a way to test and prove that you really are faster. The obvious benchmark for most is the Nurburgring lap time, but sadly due to a unforeseen series of consequences that led to speed limits on the Green Hell, the One:1 can’t make a record attempt right now.

Not to be discouraged, Christian von Koenigsegg set his boys and his new supercar out to Spa-Francorchamps in Belgian to show the world just how fast their car is. They set a new record of 2:32.14, which is more than a full second faster than the previous record. Except that previous record was also set by the Koenigsegg One:1, so it’s hard to see what they proved. But then you see the video, and look at the numbers. The car in this video is rigged up using a hastily made custom exhaust system to make sure the car could meet sound level rules, and that cut power. Plus the guys are driving on a fully packed track. And they still bested their old record by more than a second.

And what about other cars? Well the record of 2:32.14 is almost seven seconds faster than the best recorded lap from any Porsche 918, and nearly five seconds faster than the best lap from a McLaren P1. Now just imagine how big those gaps would be if the One:1 could get an open track with its own free-breathing exhaust.

If the One:1 isn’t the fastest car in the world, its damned close.