Car Throttle was able to take a ride in the all- new Bugatti Chiron on the Nürburgring, and in doing so they were the first media personnel to take a ride in the new Bugatti. As you and I can imagine, it was insane. The cornering, accelerating and braking forces seem absolutely immense for a car that weighs more than two tons.

If you are a numbers person, the specs for the Chiron are just as crazy as you’d expect.

Top speed: Limited to 261 miles per hour, estimated actual top speed is around 288 mph. the 0-62mph run is over in just 2.5 seconds. Horsepower rests at 1479 with torque topping off at 1179 lb-ft.

Price? $2.4 million.

Driving the car was none other than the President of Bugatti himself, Wolfgang Dürheimer. The Chiron was looking quite poised for such a big machine, flying around corners and hitting kerbs with no problems. Bugatti has really outdone themselves here, this machine is quite a technological feat. Car Throttle was also lucky enough to be invited to drive a Veyron on the Autobahn. Kinda jealous, not gonna lie.

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Written by: Justin Davis