The new 2012 Honda Civic has had a rough life. First the little compact that could was blasted by nearly every media group on the plant for being worse than its predecessor. Its critical failure combined with less than expected sales have forced Honda to scramble together a revised model for 2013, in hopes to appease the masses.

That new car doesn’t mean that all troubles are gone for our little 2012 friend. Honda is now issuing a recall for the 2012 Civic regarding an issue with the steering column. Models built between October 26th and October 30th of this year were assembled with the wrong steering column assembly. This assembly does not “have the proper energy absorbing characteristics,” and may increase the risk of injury in a collision. Thankfully there are only 157 examples that suspected to suffer from the problem.

Honda was set to begin notifying owners of the issue as of last Tuesday, December 4th. As always, the fix will be handled free of charge.

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