2013 Infiniti QX – Setting Button (if so equipped)

SETTING Button Use this button to customize the settings of the various electronic systems in your vehicle. You can adjust settings for Navigation, Audio, Phone, Bluetooth®, Volume and Beeps, Rear Display, Driver Assistance and Others by pressing the SETTING button. Use the touchscreen to choose a setting function you wish to adjust. Selecting "Navigation" will provide options for setting the Navigation System. Select "Audio" to adjust features such as Bass, Treble, Balance, Fade and Speed Sensitive Volume. The "Phone" and "Bluetooth" screens provide numerous options for operating your Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, including phonebook and ringtone settings. The "Volume and Beeps" menu allows you to adjust the volume and status of the Guidance Voice, Phone options and Beep functions. The "Rear display" key allows you to control the items that appear on the left or right display. Select the "Auto Display" to set the rear displays to always power on when a movie is played from a DVD or USB device. If so equipped, you can adjust the "Driver Assistance" settings for Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Distance Control Assist and Lane Departure Prevention. Selecting the OTHERS key and then selecting "Display" will allow you to adjust the color theme, brightness, contrast and background color. Selecting the OTHERS key and then "Clock" enables you to set and adjust clock functions. Select "Others" to access the "Language and Units" menu. This feature lets you <b>…</b>