The 2015 RAM Promaster City is a compact van with a visual design that is funky, interesting and decidedly un-American. The big bug-like headlights and strange profile comes from the cars roots as a European can sold under the Fiat badge. The bring it to the States, little more had to be done than a bumper swap. With sliding doors down both sides, and a split barn door in the back, this machine may not be pretty, but it’s practical. Does that practicality translate into a machine that feels at home here in the U.S., or was it better left in Europe wearing a Fiat badge?

We spent a week with the little van to put it through its paces. You can watch our full video review here, and be sure to click the gallery link below to head over and see our full set of high resolution photos.

Gallery: 2015 RAM Promaster City Review