Acura wowed everyone with its stunning Precision Concept car in Detroit. Sadly, it was obvious that this wild machine would never see production in any way, but at least it set a new design direction for Acura that would see the Japanese brand redefine itself in the market with aggressive and dynamic design. At the 2016 New York Auto Show we will get out chance to see the first production car that makes use of the new design language when Acura reveals the 2017 MDX.

The MDX is the main moneymaker for Acura, and it holds the title as “best-selling 3-row luxury crossover” so it is very important that Acura’s design team doesn’t screw this up.

All we have to go with so far is this single shadowed rendering, and at first glance it seems like Acura is making liberal use of the Precision’s design ideas. The jutting grille, sharply creased lines, and flared fenders covey a sense of mechanical power and aggression that would make the new MDX an absolute stunner on the street. This is still just a drawing, so we will need to see just how this new SUV looks when it is unveiled, but for now Acura has me intrigued and wanting more.

Along with the new look, Acura is also promising new powertrain technology, so there should be a lot of interesting news to talk about. Look for more coverage on this in a few weeks when the New York show gets underway.

Acura MDX Pictures Gallery