The current Aston Martin Vantage may be leaving us really soon, but it’s not going out without making a scene.

Aston Martin just dropped the limited-production Vantage GT8 on the automotive world, and it’s a stunner even with the optional fluorescent Halo accents and aero kit.

Extensive use of carbon fiber, both inside and out, as well as a few other changes like manually adjustable seats and lightweight door pulls drop the weight of the GT8 by 220 pounds versus a standard Aston Martin V8 Vantage, but if you really want to be hardcore you can opt for a carbon fiber roof, polycarbonate rear windows and a titanium, single-outlet exhaust, which when optioned make this car the lightest Vantage ever.

Aston Martin Vantage GT8. April 2016 Photo: Drew Gibson

The bright colors you see may not be for everybody, but they, as well as the unique cutaway front fenders, are meant to reflect the racing heritage of Aston Martin and their GTE racecar. Add in the Aero kit, which gives you the monster wing you see here, as well as extra bits for the front diffuser, and this thing looks like it should be lapping Monza, not hooning about in Knightsbridge.

Of course, it’s an Aston Martin, so it’s sexy. The wide hips of the Vantage are mirrored by the widebody, cutaway front fenders meant to evoke the spirt of the GTE, and they do a fine job of impersonation.

Aston is only making 150 copies of the GT8, and chances are you’ll have to book a flight to the other side of the pond because not a single one is earmarked for the States, but if you happen to own a flat in Mayfair you can expect to put up at least $235,000 for your very own racecar-inspired beauty.

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