[UPDATE: Original post left below in its entirety.] Radio Times is reporting that the argument between Clarkson and the producer actually involved a punch being thrown. There is no word on if the punch actually connected as the report uses the phrasing “aiming a punch.” As it sits, the show is on indefinite hold and the BBC has already rescheduled the time slots of not only this week’s show, but the last two in the series as well. It seems that the altercation happened last week, but it was only reported to the BCC yesterday, prompting their sudden action. The BCC has still not updated their original statement, and as always we will be working to keep this story updated as more information rolls in.

[Source for update: Radio Times]

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Well this is wild and breaking news. The Independent is reporting that Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame has been suspended after allegations of an argument with a producer. While the BCC investigates the incident, the show is being put on hiatus and this Sunday’s episode will be postponed. The live portions of the show are filmed the Wednesday prior to the viewing, so with Clarkson currently out of commission, there is no way to tape this week’s episode.

Clarkson has made larger and larger waves lately with a slew of complaints of racism and general bad behavior. This season also saw the team chased out of Argentina by an angry mob who viewed a license plate on one of the cars as a joke against the Falklands war.

This story is still developing and we will update with more details as we are able.

(Source: The Independent)