Well we reported a few weeks back that Top Gear would be returning in January, but now we have an official date! Sunday, January 27th at 8pm (UK local) on BBC2. If our memory serves, that is an hour earlier than usual.

Many fans of the series (us included) were very upset about the lack of a Top Gear Christmas Special, but one has been filmed and will be shown with the rest of the series sometime in February.

As for what is going to happen in the series, Top Gear has released a set of photos on their website that show a glimpse of the shenanigans to come. In the slideshow we see a filthy, airborne Bentley, a shot of the USA supercar episode and some crazy off-road challenge involving wagons. Looks to be a great season!

If you want to see all the photos for yourself, head over to Topgear.com. We expect there will be a video preview to come soon, so keep your eyes on Autotalk.com to see it when it arrives.

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