Well this seems like rather convenient timing. Right as the BBC Announces the return date for the new iteration of Top Gear since the firing and departure of the previous trio of hosts, Amazon has announced the name of its new Top Gear competitor that stars those three former hosts from BBC. Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson will call their new show The Grand Tour.

There are a lot of interesting reasons for the name of the new show, but the largest premise its use of a large travelling tent that will make it to a new location every week to record a small “studio-like” section for each video. In this way, the three old blokes can keep up their traditional weekly banter and news segments without having to spring for a new studio, and with less possibilities of stepping on the BBC’s toes.

It is an interesting take on the formula, and considering the massive success that was Top Gear Live, James, Richard and Jeremy have proven that they are more than capable of handling a large live audience in various venues and locations.

We still have no firm date on when the new show is launching, but now we at least know that the team formerly of TG is now hosting a show that can abbreviated to GT.