When the news arrived that Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended following a verbal and physical disagreement with a member of the production team, the final three episodes of the show were put on hold to conduct an investigation. Sadly that investigation led to the firing of Jeremy Clarkson, and the final three shows were left in limbo. The world feared that the content of those three shows would be forever lost to the ether, but it seems that we may see them yet.

BBC2 Exec, Kim Shillinglaw spoke to the Radio Times and said the remaining shows would be shown to the world “in some form.” There likely won’t be any studio material, and in all probability it will be edited together in the same way that several of the DVDs and larger specials have been done. Personally, I would love to see the three episodes put together into two longer 75 or 80 minutes episodes which would be aired as specials on BBC2.

Speaking at a separate event, Shillinglaw also said that Top Gear will return in some form next. No real details are given beyond that, except that they are looking at new hosts, some of which may be female.

We will be sure to let you guys know if we figure out when the shows are premiering, or when the new version show is set to return.

[Source: RadioTimes]