The faster, more aggressive V-Series cars in Cadillac’s lineup are getting a fancy new special edition for 2016. The Chrystal White Frost Edition cars all come covered in a paint that matches their name, and they feature The Carbon Fiber and Luxury packages as standard equipment. That means the lowest weight possible for your car, with all of the best equipment you can get.

The paint itself is the most interesting thing about the new special edition cars, it is a matte-finish white paint that really shows off the shape of the cars. With the extra dark details from the Carbon Fiber package, the car looks stunning. All of the CWF cars also come standard with V-Series wheels, 18-inch units on the ATS-V and 19s on the CTS-V.

Despites its included extras, there a few options being offered for the new cars. For the ATS-V, you can order the 8-spped automatic transmission, Recaro seats, PDV recorder, sunroof, suede interior trim, and you can have your Brembos painted either gold or red. Options for the CTS-V are basically identical minus the transmission; all CTS-Vs are automatics.

Pricing for one of these beauties starts at $71,460 for the ATS-V sedan with the coupe ringing in at $73,660. If you want the bigger, faster, and more powerful CTS-V, you will need to cough up $94,990. Not bad for a special edition sedan with a supercharged V8 and well over 600 horsepower.

If you want one, you better act fast though. There will only be 99 of these things made total across all three models; 29 CTS-V sedans, 31 ATS-V sedans, and 39 ATS-V Coupes.