For 2017, Cadillac has updated both the CTS and ATS slightly. The changes come in the form of the trim levels being rearranged, mostly for consistency across the Cadillac lineup. The trim levels for the ATS now are “ATS, Luxury, Premium Luxury and Premium Performance”, while for the CTS they are “CTS, Luxury, Premium Luxury, V-Sport and V-Sport Premium.”

This trim rearranging puts the CTS and ATS more in line with the new CT6 and XT5 trim lines. Also, the ATS and CTS receive a Carbon Black sport package, two new exterior colors to choose from, and some new wheel choices. CUE has been updated as well with new standard technologies such as the myCadillac mobile app, Teen Driver and Cadillac Collection. For 2017, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is also standard in the ATS.

Visually, the 2017 CTS gets a new grille, a new rear fascia with vertical exhaust orientation, and valence panel changes. Also available for 2017 in the CTS will be the Rear Camera Mirror, first shown in the CT6 and XT5.


Of course, the really big news is almost hidden in the press release. Just one single line, “The 2017 Cadillac ATS Turbo Sedan, the fastest, most powerful turbo-four luxury sedan in its class, becomes the entry point to the Cadillac ATS Sedan and Coupe family.” With that single sentence, the base-level 2.5L four-cylinder ATS is dead, leaving the model lineup with just the 2.0T and the V6 options. A smart move in my opinion. I understand that engine helped keep pricing down on the entry level, but no “performance sedan” should be saddled with such an underperforming engine.

If you want yourself a slightly upgraded Cadillac, call your dealer now and get your order in. Deliveries should start in a few months.

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