The SUV is officially trying to murder the auto industry that I love so much. Lamborghini and Maserati are making SUVs, and thanks to compact crossovers, the market for wagons is shrinking into an even smaller niche than ever before. And now we have this. Autoline reported last night that Cadillac is killing its CT8 sedan project because of the market’s lust for luxury SUVs. The CT8 was supposed to be a massive luxury sedan built to fight against the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. Everyone expected it to carry the same general, and incredibly stunning, design as the El Miraj concept seen here.

Just look at that thing. It screams American extravagance in the perfect way that only Cadillac could. No German could ever create something this sensuous and opulent, and Lincoln certainly couldn’t do it either.


Do you see what you have robbed me and the world of SUVs?! Cadillac, the former king of plush four-doors is abandoning the exact market that made it a world-class name in the first place. Is nothing sacred to you, SUVs?

If you too are heartbroken by this change of direction for Cadillac, send them an email or call your dealer to ask about the CT6. Let them know that we want a new sedan to define the Cadillac brand. If you are a fan of the Range Rover and GL550, just stay at home and don’t talk to anyone ever again. You are ruining my luxo-barge dreams.

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