Volvo has just unveiled images of two new small car concepts, and if the photos are any indication as to what the final production models will look like, they’re going to have a hit on their hands.

Based on their new Compact Modular Architecture system, both vehicles, dubbed 40.1 for the SUV and 40.2 for the five-door hatchback take much of their styling cues from the XC90 and S90, but in their own unique way.

Those who prefer a more coupe-like profile will gravitate to the 40.2. It’s an unusual look, with a high ride and a bit of a Scion tC profile, but you can’t help but notice the Volvo genetics, which should appeal to those of us who love Volvo’s funky aesthetics.

Volvo Concept 40 (2)

For mass consumption in the premium small car world my bet’s on the 40.1. With its upright SUV styling, sharp body creases and luxury lines, it’s bound to appeal to those who would also be attracted to such vehicles as the Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Lexus RX. You’ll never mistake the little Volvo for any of these competitors, but that’s what so many of us like about the spunky Swedish company.

Motivation for these attractive little Scandinavian delights will be available in gasoline, Twin Engine (turbo and supercharged) hybrid or full-electric flavors.

Expect the first production cars to hit the ground in 2017.

Volvo Concept 40 (7)

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