Hyundai isn’t only expanding their reach with their new Genesis brand. They’re also planning on extending their mileage by offering Genesis plug-in hybrids.

AutoNews is reporting Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, has confirmed that the new marque will indeed be offering plug-in models, joining other luxury competitors who currently offer PHEV iterations, or will offer them soon.

While speaking about Hyundai’s plans to offer PHEVs, Zuchowski expanded on the announcement.

“Some of those [plug-in hybrids] will take the form of the Genesis side of our business,” Zuchowski said, expressing his belief that plug-in hybrids are even more important to the luxury market than they are with the regular market.

While this seems like a big move for such an upstart new luxury brand, Zuchowski doesn’t believe so. Instead, he sees it as a logical step toward the future of hydrogen fuel cells.

“You get a lot of the benefits of electric vehicles but with a safety net,” Zuchowski said. “We think that’s a wonderful midterm strategy.”

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