Amidst the depths of YouTube there are thousands of epic automotive videos, this one however, had the potential to go down in YouTube history and in reality turned out rather disappointing. I’m going to break down why for you. Let’s start with the title. “I am so happy to share this with you|P1 GTR, 458 Speciale, GT3RS, 488 GTB, Drifting”, you’ve got my attention Mr. JWW, so far so good.

Now let’s dive into the video itself. It starts out explaining that he is at the Bahrain International circuit for an exclusive and private track day followed by a short montage showing the pit row garages filled to the brim with exotic supercars. The 458 Speciale is up first and Mr. JWW is behind the wheel, he briefly demonstrates the epic auto downshift system by diving a braking zone and holding the down paddle for dear life. The Ferrari computers take over and drop gears to give you the perfect spot in the powerband so you can hammer down at the corner exit. A small amount of hooning later and the 458 ride is over. Breaking down his experience was cut short by a liberty walk GTR showing off its antilag system.

In the 458 you sort of get the feeling that Mr. JWW isn’t the greatest driver, this next scene shows him riding shotgun in a 488 GTB blistering past a Cayman GT4 and other assorted cars you get an idea of the sheer grip the car is able to produce. Now this is where things start to get disappointing. The next four minutes of the video are nothing but “OMG look at all these supercars!” Now normally this wouldn’t bother me, but along with wasting time babbling about how great it is that all of the cars are actually being used, the P1 GTR gets a 10 second cut scene leaving the pits. That’s it! What the hell man?! Is that really all you’re going to give us? Thankfully he brings himself to a mild redemption later in the video.

After spending five minutes talking about the 918 Spyder while riding shotgun yet again his moment of redemption comes, a ride along in an LS powered GT86 drift car. It’s not too often that you get the opportunity to slay tires on a grand prix track and these guys do it for laps on end, letting the V8 wail on the rev limiter as smoke billows from the rear tires. I can hear Chris Forsberg screaming “That’s not fair!” from here.

All in all the video isn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I would have expected. Mr. JWW if you get the opportunity again, I suggest you spend a lot more time recording cars on track rather than them sitting still in the garages. At the end of the day though, it’s still one epic experience not many will get to have.

If you’d like to watch the video for yourself check out the link below.