Ferrari may be the greatest name in the world of the automobile, but that doesn’t mean the brand’s cars are immune from problems or bad press. The Italian company has just released a recall notice to owners of the new California T convertible informing them that thanks to a faulty fuel line issue, their lovely Italian cars can spontaneously burst into lovely Italian fireballs.

According to Automotive News, the original NHTSA filing includes notes from Ferrari that the problem lies in a defect with a part that they received from an outside supplier, and the problem is not with Ferrari or its manufacturing.

Glad they can find a way to keep the company name a little cleaner, I suppose.

2016 Ferrari 488 Spider (5)

The number of cars affected is low at just 185, but Ferrari’s woes don’t end there. It seems that the new 488 GTB also suffers from the same problem with the same part, and could succumb to the same fiery end. Thankfully, no 488s have hit customer driveways yet, so Ferrari is just putting out a stop sale notice and fixing the problem before the cars are released to the public.

If you are one of the owners of a 2016 California T, just give your local dealer a call and see if you need to come make a visit.