By mid-decade, Ford Motor Company hopes to sell 8 million vehicles around the globe in one year. In order to accomplish this tremendous task, a heavy expansion will have to take place. With plans of building nine all-new plants in the Asia Pacific Africa market, a serious production scheme is in order. By placing each and every world-wide plant under a commonly used, singular manufacturing system, each Ford product will be put together in a similar fashion no matter where it calls home.

“The global One Ford plan is making it possible for us to deploy One Manufacturing, a single Ford production system that will pay tremendous dividends through standard processes, greater flexibility and improved investment efficiency,” said John Fleming, Ford executive vice president, Global Manufacturing. With the singular system, new and existing plants will be aligned in their operations. Each facility will offer better flexibility with up to six vehicles being pumped out of the same floor. On top of that, by 2016 the amount of globally used platforms will increase greatly so that more vehicles can benefit from quality builds.

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Source: Ford